Matric Board Uncovers Major Irregularities in 117 Student Records

BISE Karachi Uncovers Major Irregularities in 117 Student Matric Records

The examination department of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has reported irregularities in the records of 117 candidates. According to a report by the board, the discrepancies include:

Lack of Attendance: 3 candidates were absent.

Errors in Identification: 65 candidates had discrepancies in their ID numbers.

Marks Submission Issues: 49 candidates faced issues related to the submission of their marks.

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The board has begun an investigation to identify the candidates and schools involved. There are multiple reasons behind these discrepancies, such as the absence of practical marks for certain science subjects, including Biology and Chemistry.

Chairman of the Board, Professor Dr. Saeed-ud-Din, chaired a meeting with the board officials and examination controllers to address these issues. Following the meeting, the board has decided to take corrective measures. The main points of the findings are:

Practical Marks Not Submitted: For 117 candidates, the practical marks of several science subjects were not included.

Errors in Roll Numbers and Codes: Incorrect roll numbers and school codes were identified for 65 candidates.

Incorrect Marks Entry: 49 candidates’ marks were entered incorrectly.

The board is taking steps to rectify these issues by seeking clarification from the affected schools. Dr. Saeed-ud-Din has assured that no student will be penalized due to administrative errors. The schools have been given a deadline to correct these mistakes and resubmit the records.

The board has also taken action against the staff responsible for these errors. The investigation has revealed that these mistakes occurred due to negligence during data entry and marks submission processes.

In addition, the board has implemented the following measures:

Verification of Records: A thorough verification process for the remaining students’ records will be conducted.

Training Sessions: Staff will undergo training to prevent such errors in the future.

System Updates: The board’s digital system will be updated to improve accuracy in record-keeping and data entry.

The board aims to resolve these issues swiftly to ensure the academic future of the affected students is not compromised.

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