Multan Board Matric Position Holders

Multan Board Matric Position Holders 2024 – Announced

The Multan board has the position holders for this year. This time, BISE Multan is ruling all over Pubjab’s rankings with the most marks. Khadija Fatima has scored 1096 marks out of 1100 marks and has become a topper not only in Multan board but also all over Punjab. You can access the topper’s list here on this page.

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BISE Multan can be considered the headquarters of South Punjab. And to be honest, this performance from them is a piece of evidence for this claim. So many students have tied for the 2nd and 3rd spot. This is phenomenal.

In this article, we will give you the top rankings for the Multan Board. Let’s have a look.

Multan Board Matric Position Holders 2024

Khadija Fatima has scored 1096 marks and has become the topper. She must have worked so hard to get these marks. This can also be considered as a record since no student, under normal circumstances, has scored this many marks.

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Six students have tied for the second position, each scoring 1095 marks:

  • Mishal Babar – 1095
  • Fiza Waseem – 1095
  • Hussnain Raza – 1095
  • Zarlish Fatima – 1095
  • Haifza Ayesha Masood – 1095
  • Laiba Jabbar – 1095

Six students also tied for the third position, each scoring 1094 marks:

  • Rohish Munwar – 1094
  • Ayesha Muslim – 1094
  • Syeda Fizza Shehzad – 1094
  • Shifa Noor – 1094
  • Syed Arbish Ali Shah – 1094
  • Tehreem Rashid – 1094
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Seeing so many students share the third position is remarkable. It highlights how competitive and hardworking the students in Multan are.

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How to take 1096 marks in Matric exams?

So, how can you take 1096 marks like Khadija Fatima? We will cover this section specifically for what you can do in the final days of the preparation for the exams.

Hopefully, these bullet points will help you become a topper on the Multan board next year.

Make a schedule

  • Use pairing schemes to study specific chapters
  • Study from past papers to better understand the paper setter’s mindset
  • Always believe in yourself
  • Be best at time management during exam attempts
  • If you do all of these things, you are on the right track.


BISE Multan has outperformed the rest of Punjab this year, with Khadija Fatima obtaining an incredible 1096 out of 1100, making her the highest student not just in Multan, but throughout the province. This result demonstrates the high level of academic proficiency in South Punjab, with multiple students vying for second and third place.

Khadija’s outstanding success serves as an encouragement to future kids. To achieve such high grades, students should construct a study program, employ pairing schemes, review previous papers, trust in themselves, and manage their time well during examinations. With persistence and hard work, high positions on the Multan board are within grasp.

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