How to Prepare for Good Marks in 10th Class Result

How to get Good Marks in 10th Class Result?

To obtain marks in the 10th class result, especially from the Punjab Board, you will need to study with dedication and hard work. Getting good grades in the 10th class can serve as the backbone for securing admission to a good university in the future. Therefore, you must focus on your studies with full concentration to achieve good results.

As a recent position holder in the Lahore Board, I understand the challenges that students face, so I am sharing valuable information with you that helped me secure a position in the Lahore Board.

Steps to Prepare for Good Marks in 10th Class Result

Follow the steps outlined below, and I hope that by following this information, you will become capable of preparing well for your 10th Class examinations and achieving good marks.

Consistent Study Schedule

A proper studying schedule is essential for a student to excel in their studies. Not only does it enhance the quality of a student’s learning, but it also allows student to cover more topics in less time.

Consistent Study Schedule
Consistent Study Schedule

It is important to consistently allocate dedicated time for studying. Always Focus on one subject at a time and avoid thinking about other subjects while studying a particular one.

Study From Past Papers

I recommend all students to thoroughly prepare the past papers of the last five years. If you prepare the past paper from the last 5 years completely, there are high chance of scoring more than 70% marks. Last year, after studying the entire book thoroughly, I dedicated most of my time to repeatedly solving the past papers.

If you are weak in your studies and want to get more than just passing marks, I suggest focusing on preparing 100% of the MCQs and short questions from the past five years’ papers. Keep in mind that you need to prepare past papers for both the first and second times.

When I was preparing for my test, there were very few changes in the past papers across different years. This means that if you prepare the past papers of the last five years, you can score well, but you need to be 100% prepared to achieve this.

Pay Attention to the Pre-Board Examination

Many students take the pre Exam testing of the school papers very lightly, which can later cause a student significant harm. When the full book testing begins, students should spend more time on preparation because the marks in their results will depend on the preparation done during this time.

Pay Attention to the Pre-Board Examination

During unitwise testing, students should focus one hundred percent on their studies from that moment so that they progress well along with time.

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