Examination Irregularities Detected After Conclusion of Annual Exams

Examination Irregularities Detected After Conclusion of Annual Exams

After the conclusion of the annual examinations, a series of irregularities were detected in the examination process, leading to reports being filed against 92 candidates involved in malpractice. Dr. Syed Sharif Ali Shah, Chairman of the Matric Board, addressed these issues during a visit to examination centers in Karachi.

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During his inspection, Dr. Shah emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of the examination process post-exams. He highlighted the importance of transparency and integrity in conducting exams, stating that the reports from vigilance teams and the board’s assessment will guide decisions on future examination centers.

Additionally, during the examination sessions on Tuesday, it was reported that 10 mobile phones were among the items used for malpractice by the aforementioned 92 candidates. The examination centers where these irregularities were observed included Government Boys Secondary School in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Special Children School in Gulshan-e-Hadeed, and others across Karachi.

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Authorities, including Hub officers, were actively involved in monitoring and taking action against exam irregularities. They apprehended candidates attempting to cheat from various schools and locations, enforcing the rules to maintain the integrity of the examination process.

The incidents underscore the ongoing challenges in ensuring fair and transparent examinations, prompting calls for stricter monitoring and measures to deter malpractice in educational assessments.

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